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Now You See It: An Introduction to Visual Data Sensemaking, Second Edition. by Stephen Few, $49.00 MSRP, April 2021. (Table of Contents)

Now You See It does for visual data sensemaking what Show Me the Numbers does for graphical data presentation: it teaches simple, fundamental, and practical concepts, principles, and techniques that anyone can use—only this time they're exploring and making sense of information, not presenting it. These techniques rely primarily on something almost everyone has: vision. They use graphs to display data in ways that make meaningful patterns visible to reveal the stories that reside within. These techniques also involve interacting with data in particular ways to tease out relevant facts and their meanings.

Although some quantitative data sensemaking can only be done with sophisticated statistical techniques, most of the questions that organizations typically ask about their data can be answered using simple visualization techniques—techniques that can be learned by people with little or no statistical training. In other words, Now You See It is for the great majority of people whose jobs require them to make sense of quantitative information.

This second edition of the book now integrates the contents of Stephen Few's book Signal: Understanding What Matters in a World of Noise, which extends it into the realm of Statistical Process Control.

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